“All In All, Its Just A Can Of Paint On A Wall” – Part 2

Editor: Lets squeeze the rest of these in and head to Whole Foods. Ben and Jerry’s is 2 for $6 this weekend only.


OK, not technically a mural

Across from Market

HopCats Mural in Midtown

Back wall of HopCat’s

Side wall of Slow’s Barbecue

John R near Piquette Ford Plan

Piquette Ave. Ford Plant. First Ford Assembly Plant

Gratiot near Chene. Is this the best one in Detroit? At night they turn on the light in the lamp window. The only window lit.

Stands in an open field of maybe 8 city blocks which was a residential area at one time. I cropped it close so that you couldn’t see that. If that’s what you want to see, then Google it your own damn self. Sorry, My attitude got the best of me.



I think this one is just powerful. The artist as social commentary.

Woop – Woop

The Wall behind Berts Market Place. Rap artists of Detroit. Thats Eminem in the hoodie.

Midtown just behind my place.

South of Eastern market


Same. On Gratiot


. Wall of Busy Bee Hardware







Check out the hat. Was there any doubt?


Flowers for the Ladies and some Louisiana Blues, served up at the Market



Some of these are from the neighborhood. Actually they all are until you get to the Guitar Player and then those are market pics. Sorry for the confusion.

Clematis through a fence. Just out the back door.


“There is a crack in everything. Its how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

‘Piety Hill’ Canfield Historic District

W. Forest?

Eastern Market Blues Man

Hi!. ‘For Me There Will Be Sunflowers’  at Market

Put a bow on it.

This is one for the Scots. “Lang may yer lum reek”


“All In All, Its Just A Can Of Paint On A Wall” Part One

Editor: The original intent was the murals of Detroit. Jo already saw about half of them. The rest are products of various rideabouts. I had a few leftover from Asheville and Sacramento and there was just no reason to give this a Detroit exclusivity (though she more than deserves any accolades anyone decides to send her way.) I can’t do this in one post. There are just so many. Not all are great photos. The cityscape does not cooperate in the way that the good folks of the DIA do. Once again, you know the drill. They will be out there for a couple of months and then I bring in the bulldozer to clear space in my Media file. So .   .   .   . If you want to keep them, Cut And Paste. Forgive me Jo, but I also found a lot of pretties to throw in CJ’s vase. I know you may have seen them already but she hasn’t in a long, long time. There are 121 pictures in this file. I have already loaded them into Media, so its just a matter of not losing my place.


River Arts District

River Arts District

River Arts District

Downtown off N. Lexington

Downtown N. Lexington

N. Lexington near Walnut

Somewhere near Pack Square


I won’t be able to give you locales on the Sacramento shots. Well, maybe a few.

Near Ceasar Chavez Park

One of the Artists from ‘Art on the Walls’ Real friendly fellow. I wonder if he left the shirt?

This is his

The artists are coming up in 2 more shots

Take a bow guys. I love your work

lady Gaga. 40′ tall on the side of Golden 1 Center

Cristina Angelina. The artist. For Wide Open Walls



Eastern Market


One of Jo’s favorites



“They didn’t know we were seeds”

‘There are Ghosts”

“The Definitive List”


A better look

Power to everyone



Michigan Urban farming Collective

Michigan Urban Farming Collective on Brush Street

Eastern market

Hot Rod Lincoln at Eastern market

Thats all I can squeeze in on this one. Now for a tune. Hot Rod Lincoln?  Why not. Heyyyy! It’s Freakin’Detroit.


“A Swede and a talking Horse walk into a bar. Bartender looks at them and goes”Which is which?’







DIA – Part IV – Edsel And Diego

Editor: Lets try and put a wrap on it. The Diego Rivera Murals at the DIA are the most memorable works in the collection. It was an immense project rife with controversy. Henry Ford’s son Edsel donated $20,000 to the project as seed money. Diego completed the project between 1932 and 1933, often working 15 hour days. He lost 100 pounds during the project. At the completion, several prominent members of Detroits religous community were invited to tour. They were appalled and called for the destruction of the murals. Edsel Ford stood his ground. The murals are a testement to Diego Riveras awe at industrial capability. But Diego was a Marxist and incorporated many sympathetic themes to the plight of the industrial worker. It is a tribute to Edsel Fords vision and intellect that even though he was the Ultimate Capitalist he allowed a man of Rivera’s temperment to display the other side.

These pictures wil be displayed as is. Many are portions of a whole. As I saw it. It is difficult to photograph murals of this size and present a complete picture on a 15″ computer screen (and I do hope you are giving them proper respect and not trying to view on a 3″ smartphone screen. That is blasphemy. Please now!) So, without further.

The Diego Rivera Industrial Murals as Daniel saw them. Click, click, click away. They get bigger you know. Enjoy dearies.


View of the Detroit Library from the steps of the DIA

Entrance to the DIA – Winter 2018

Right this way please. Don’t dally, there are others here as well. Don’t concern yourself with the students, there are always students. It is the peoples museum you know.

It is always nice to pay attention to the details on the way. The show will still be there.

Now you see don’t you. It isn’t just what is in the frame.

Just through that door. You can stop and look at the armor. I always did.

Look up. Look down. Look all around. Now isn’t that nice?

Even the ceiling is a marvel.

The shear scope is breathtaking.

I’ll hush now.

I think Diego slipped my Dad in there

Grumpy Boss

The River Rouge Plant tour was perhaps the most prominent industrial tour of its day.

Diego was right to include Edsel

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone wrote a poem about all of this?

Well now. What did you think? I can’t believe that there were only two of you asking for the tour. Enjoy and leave a comment if you were pleased. Or a little rant if you were not.


Yes I know Dearie, it’s not Genesis, or Peter. This one was my choice.



Pay attention puppets. In the end, it’s                                              all art.





DIA Part Three For CJ and Joni

Editor: I would suggest you download and save if you want to keep these. Soon I will have to delete them to open up space on my media file. The two of you were the only ones that showed any interest so you got top billing. I showed them to Bella and she said, “Duh laydis vil lahf them Danyule”  I think she’s right.







Picasso (I think)


My dear friend Bella Monteleone. She loves Knock-Knock jokes. Giggles like a school girl

Bella, Bella, Bellissimo

What are you looking at?



The artist that painted Barack Obama’s official portrait







It will take at least one more post. I have not given you Diego Rivera’s murals yet or the American series.



Detroit Institute of Arts

I am putting this together for CJ since she is unable to attend. I decided to share in case anyone has interest. 40 pics is about the limit for a WordPress post so this will come in stages. I had to delete a number of pics from the Roadsense media file. It had reached its storage limit. Therefore I will delete this post in a few weeks to make room for new photos. If you want to view at a lare tine I would suggest copying and pasteing to a file on your computer before they disappear.

The pictures were taken in March on a visit with Joan Asakawa. 

When Detroit was in the depths of its financial problems there was a movement to sell off the collection. The citizens were not pleased. Every citizen in Detroi Tri County area hac visited the Institue on a field trip when they were children in school. There was a millage passed overwhelmingly for the citizens to fund the Institute through taxes. Beause of that, citizens in the Tri- County area get free admission. just goes to show you that people will vote for new taxes if is for something thet want. I can walk down the street and stroll in whenever I choose. The collection is currently valued at $5.1 Billion. If it had been sold off, it is estimated that it would have gone for pennies on the dollar.

Please do not view these on your cellphone. They are too detailed for a 3″ screen. I hope you enjoy CJ or anyone else interested. Leave a comment if you would like to see the rest, otherwise I will send only to CJ.



Entrance to the Retroit Institute of Arts















fullsizeoutput_1400Bruguels Wedding Feast. My favorite since I was a child. Can you pick out the Bride? Hint: There is something distinctive about her.


Heres the party girl. The lucky guy is on the right.



Version 2

Version 2




Thats a dead bird. I believe the child has behavior issues. Likely because of the way his parents dress him.





I believe this is one of the Ceasars. Likely Julius or Augustus. He certainly doesn’t appear to be Little Ceasar.



That is a reflection on the glass case. I could not remove it.





Three pictures in a row of the same subject. Such a contrast in styles.







A rather perverse looking character in the middle. I will have to go back and read the card to find out why. Perhaps someone from the underworld


Notice anything about the gentleman that is different from the ladies?


Stay tuned.

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